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The “Bichota” Tweezer

The “Bichota” Tweezer

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BICHOTA TWEEZER - 90 degree Slim Boot Tweezer for Volume + Mega Volume fans (hot pink)

 Fantastic grip for hand-making volume fans + classic lash application

Hand-made Iridescent heart dangle was handmade by my amazing mother 🥹

Heart shaped dangle accessory is included with every tweezer at no extra charge

All tweezers have an amazing grip from tip to end, perfect medium tension tweezer. Used for any lash diameters : 0.15 0.18 0.07 0.06 0.05 0.03 0.02

All tweezers can be used for Classic + Volume application and volume fan-making on or off the strip

Made in Pakistan

  • Shiny Glitter Finishing
  • Sweat Proof
  • Strong Grip
  • No fiber Tips (all regular tips)

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