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The Kitty .15/.18 Classics Collection

The Kitty .15/.18 Classics Collection

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Newly launched redesign of the Original Premium Classics with the same great quality.

Classic Lash Extensions available in .15 and/or .18 thickness which come in all same length trays or mixed trays (12 rows) with foil backs which are available in CC or D curl from 8mm-16mm. Recreate any of my sets using these classics for that subtle "mascara look" for your clients.

*** (.15) is recommended for clients who have natural semi thin to thin natural lashes so the lash extension is not too heavy. (.18) can be handled for those clients who have natural thick lashes, adds slight thickness from a normal .15 extension but not too heavy to where it looks fake like a (.20).

To see examples, visit us on our Instagram page. 


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