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1 on 1 Private Fan Making Training

1 on 1 Private Fan Making Training

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Are you struggling with perfecting your fans and or wanting to stop using easy fans? Then this is for you!

Our 1 on 1 volume fan-making practice we will be using the pinch method to create wide/narrow fans and the theory behind layering, how to work with layers, and placement of volume fans for the best retention. Our training starts with theory plus hands on practice first then a live model for hands on experience of what we learned plus I will correct you in any mistakes I see you do. We can do the live model together and or all by yourself to get the full hands on experience. 

Training starts at 10am - until we finish and this training does NOT include a full kit (just a mini one) + no manual is included but you may take notes. This training is perfect as a “refresher volume course” for my girlies who just need help with making perfect volume fans using .02/.03.05/.07 diameters. 

This 1 on 1 fan making practice is for the upcoming dates listed below.


***Deposit: $350 (due now) $650 (due the day of training) in cash only

What is included:

• lash maps

• Layering volume technique 

• 6 lash trays 

• Lash adhesive

• Practice Sponges

• Pair of Tweezers

• Glue rings 

• Live Model for practice + corrections 

***Please be advised that a NON REFUNDABLE deposit which is the amount listed above ($350) is required at checkout in order to secure your spot. 

1 on 1 trainings can NOT be rescheduled. So please make sure you can make it to this training BEFORE paying the deposit. Remaining balance of $650 is to be payed in cash on the day of your training. Any other form of payment is NOT accepted.

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