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curlyBOND Bonder

curlyBOND Bonder

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CURLYBOND is the perfect bonder or “sealant” to lock in any glue fumes after application by drying the lash adhesive from the inside out. Not only does this help in achieving more than 30% retention on fill-ins but you are free of the “no water for 24 hours” rule! Say bye bye to that baby and hello to ya new boo CSL CURLYBOND <3 

Instructions: after completing your lash extensions application let the extensions dry for two minutes, then with a disposable lip brush apply a drop of the bonder (a little goes a long way) and apply on the lash line where bonder meets extension <3 don’t forget the bottom layers! Make sure you do NOT over saturate the lashes either. Dry for two minutes with a fan and or until you see all lashes are dry ta-da! (:

Works miracles when using our Midnight Gold Adhesive.

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